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Reference For Singapore Postal District Vs Postal Code
-- 2009-08-16 09:17:23
01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 Raffles Place, ...

Sell Your HDB Flat In Open Market - Do You Meet HDB Flat MOP Requirement?
-- 2009-06-28 20:45:50
date of possession of the replacement flat or 7 years from the data of flat selection (if the seller took up the offer of replacement flat), whichever is earlier and subject to HDB's prevailing policies. ...

Things You Should Know To Buy HDB Flats Directly From Housing Development Board Through RTS, BTO Or Balloting System
-- 2009-06-27 18:09:29
sing and Development Board(HDB). Based on the most popular choice from applicants, the HDB will come out with detailed design and prices of each type of flats. Tender for construction will be called only when the particular site has received applications ...

No Money Down Real Estate Investing: Fabulous Or Fraud?
-- 2009-04-13 16:57:40
akdown that is agreed upon. Flipping the real estate property is another way to invest in real estate with no money down. If you find a potential buyer that is interested in purchasing a house before you find a potential property for sale, you will not ...

General Information For Buying/selling HDB Flats
-- 2007-11-20 18:20:39" target="_blank">HDB website. In general, you can make use of the ...

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